There are two main programs for children.  One organized for girls and one for boys.

GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior)

GEMS is a nationwide ministry designed to promote learning and relationships among girls approximately ages 8 to 12 years old. We meet the second Wednesday evening and the fourth Wednesday evening of every month.

For more information about GEMS please contact Melanie Danzeisen .


Boys/young men need the discipleship of their fathers and other Christian men. Through the Calvinist Cadet Program the fathers/men in our congregation will have the distinct privilege to build up these “future men.” The goal of the cadet ministry is to help boys grow in four main areas: Devotional, Mental, Physical and Social. These goals will be achieved through Bible Study lessons, Christian service projects, outdoor activities and working on merit badges. There is no better use of time than to invest in the future of the church. Right now we are making preparations to begin our first Cadet Club. We strongly encourage all boys to be involved, and need to know quickly their names and ages so we can organize our club to begin this fall. Here is what you can do now…

E-mail me at to let me know if your son(s) ages 9-14 will be participating.
Pray about your role in the lives of these young men.
Pray for this new avenue here at PURC and that it would impact these young men for God’s glory!

Cadets meets the second Wednesday evening and the fourth Wedesday evening of every month.