Sunday School

Sunday School

September through May various classes are offered for children and adults.  Children's classes cover a range of subjects: Bible stories, Bible memory, church history, and the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.  Teens undergo an interactive course on the distinctives of Christianity from a Reformed perspective.  Two adult studies are offered.

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Our Sunday school season begins on September 16, after our morning worship. This year three adult classes will be offered. The following gives you a little preview of each class.


Tom Riley Class:  USC Professor Valerie Folkes stated, "When you don't have to spend for baby furniture and private schooling, you have more disposable income for adult toys."  This is one of many quotes manifesting our current culture's diminished view of children and parenting.  What does God say about the purpose of children and how to parent?           In this Sunday school class we will use Paul Tripp's series, "Getting to the Heart of Parenting" to explore these questions and many more.  Whether you are single or newlyweds wishing to evaluate whether you have a Biblical view for future parenting, or you already have children and you need help evaluating and improving in your God-affirmed task, come join in the discussion.  We even want grandparents to come to give us their wisdom on their parenting experiences.  As the sharks in "Nemo" said, "Children are friends, not food!"  Come join us.


Rod & Jamie Tussing Class:  What does it mean to belong to a Reformed church - is it theology, tradition, or both? How well do you know what it means to be a member of a Reformed church? Does your knowledge go deeper than the standard answers that we commonly hear?  This class will take a look at what the Reformed Tradition is all about - where did it come from, why do we follow it, and why is it important?  This will be a lively, comfortable, and safe class that will include time for questions and discussion. This class is for everyone, whether you are new to the Church, born into it, or somewhere in between.


Pastor Grotenhuis Class:  "Outside Opportunities: Being Light in a World of Darkness" - A new location and a new website creates new opportunities for the gospel. Jesus said, "You are the light of the world (John 8:12) and "As the Father has sent Me, so I send you" (John 20:21). Three years ago we looked at the church's mission calling and identity. This year we'll expand on our previous course and lay out an in-depth biblical and theological foundation for the church's calling to the nations as well as practical lessons in personal evangelism and hospitality. Such a course will allow us to see how a Christ-centered, gospel-driven, and Reformed worldview can be a rich blessing for a needy world. It will also display the many residual benefits for us and other churches who unselfishly commit themselves to Christ's call to be a blessing to the nations.