Giving: Why, How, & Where it goes

giving is an important part of Christian living. in fact, we believe generosity flows naturally from our status as image-bearers of a self-giving, missional God.

Ample opportunities to contribute

Whether through spiritual gifts and service (1 CorEph 4:7; 1 Pet 4:10) or material offerings (Mal 3:102 Cor 9:6-8), you are invited to participate in the work of Christ's Kingdom. 

How to Give

Offerings are taken during the worship services.  The offering cause should be specified on the memo line of the check.  All cash received is credited to that specific offering it is given to which is also listed in the order of worship.

Where does the money go?

As to monetary offerings, PURC supports a number of carefully designated causes including such things as local benevolence and budgetary needs, home and foreign missions, Christian education, disaster relief, and other causes. PURC's deacons as managers of spiritual and material resources (Acts 6:1-61 Timothy 3:8-13) ensure that all monies given are accounted for and distributed properly.


How Offerings are Structured

Phoenix URC's offering structure is quite different than many other churches. We have two different types of offerings. The first type of offering is for our general fund. If you give to the general fund you are helping to fund Phoenix URC’s annual budget. The budget is put together by the deacons every year and then approved by the members via a vote at a congregational meeting. The General Fund funds things like salaries, utilities, programs, etc. Basically the normal expenses it takes to run our local church.

The second type of offering we have is a special offering. When you give to a special offering you are giving to another organization through our church. The deacons have designated specific organizations and missionaries who these offerings are designated for. Phoenix URC usually picks three different organizations per month to have offerings for.  See our list of organizations we support and our offering schedule.

Partnering for Mission

While mission informs our local identity and practice, we also believe it’s crucial to support other churches and organizations which devote themselves to bringing the gospel to the nations.

Christian Schools

Phoenix URC has a long standing of supporting local Christian schools. Promoting Christian education, whether in the home or at a day school, is a huge priority at Phoenix URC.  A Christian school tuition fund is in place to help families with the cost of tuition.  Phoenix URC also has a Christian education non-tuition fund to help families with any other costs that might be associated with educationing their children from a Christian perspective.

Some local schools we support are: Phoenix Christian School PreK-8Reedemer Christian School, and Phoenix Christian Unified Schools.

Home schooling is also promoted at Phoenix URC.  Home school families have a big support system at Phoenix URC.

Phoenix URC also promotes higher Christian education.  The Christian colleges Phoenix URC supports are Dordt College, and Providence College.


Local Mission Opportunities

In Addition to just giving to outside causes Phoenix URC also partners with New City Ministry.  Periodically, various Phoenix URC members volunteer at New City, a South Phoenix-based renewal ministry headed up by PCA pastor Dave Bennett.

The purpose of New City is to transform South Phoenix neighborhoods through painting projects, tutoring in English as a second language (ESL), homeless ministry, and Bible distribution.

Learn more at


church plants

Phoenix URC takes its commitment to non-local ministries seriously.  In addition to its own ministries, Phoenix URC supports a number of United Reformed federation church plants:


Phoenix URC supports missionaries.  The missionaries we currently support are the Pettingills in Honduras. Mike and Erin Pettengill are affiliated with Mission to the World.  You can find out more about them by following Mike on Twitter and Facebook or visit their web site and sign up for their monthly news letter.

Here is a recent update on their work in Equatorial Guinea:

Other Mission Updates: 

Click on the links below to see updates on URC mission work going on in Costa Rica, Romania, and Italy. 

Costa Rica Update
Romania Update

Complete Works We Support

Christian Family Care

CFC is a social service agency that serves vulnerable children and families in the name of Jesus Christ through adoption, foster care, pregnancy counseling, and child & family counseling.

Concerned Christians

Concerned Christians is located in Mesa, AZ and is dedicated to bringing the knowledge of Jesus Christ to Latter-day Saints.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

CPC provides free and confidential counseling services to help women make informed choices about pregnancy-related issues.

Dordt College

Dordt College is a Reformed Christian college located in Sioux Center, IA.

GEMS - Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior

GEMS is club within our church that seeks to equip women and girls to live radically faithful lives doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God.

Kauai Reformation Church - Kauai, HI

Kauai   Reformation Church is a URC church plant located in Kauai, HI.


MERF - Middle East Reformed Fellowship

The purpose of MERF is to serve Reformed churches and believers in Arab and Muslim countries through biblical training and radio broadcasts.

Messiah's Reformed Fellowship - NYC, NY

Messiah's Reformed Fellowship is a URC church plant located in New York City, NY.

Mid-America Reformed Seminary

MARS is a Reformed theological seminary located in Dyer, IN.

Mission India

Mission India offers children's Bible clubs, adult literacy classes and church planter training throughout India.

Mission to the World - Pettengills

Missionaries Mike and Erin Pettengill along with their daughter Madison serve in La Ceiba, Honduras working to plant churches, provide medical services and provide for physical and spiritual needs of the city's homeless children.

New City Phoenix

The mission of New City Phoenix is to establish a network of ethnically and culturally diverse churches that impact Phoenix through the application of the gospel.

Phoenix Christian School Pre-K–8th Grade

PCS is a Reformed Christian grade school located in Phoenix, AZ.

Providence Christian College

Providence Christian College is a Reformed Christian college located in Pasadena, CA.

Redeemer Christian School

RCS is a Reformed Christian grade school located in Mesa, AZ.

Reformed Faith & Life Christians for Armenia

Christians for Armenia is a radio/television broadcast and literature ministry that proclaims God's Word to Armenia and surrounding countries.

Reformed Youth Service

RYS is a youth ministry organization committed to the spiritual and social nurturing of our covenant youth.

Voice of the Martyrs

VOM is dedicated to assisting Christians worldwide who are or have been persecuted for their involvement in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Westminster Biblical Missions - Lahore, Pakistan

Westminster Biblical Mission supports Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Pakistan, Calvin Academies Christian school, and a medical clinic in Pakistan.

Westminster Seminary California

WSC is a Reformed theological seminary locataed in Escondido, CA.