2018 RYS National Convention

July 16-20 @ Dordt College in Sioux Center, IA


The annual Reformed Youth Services convention is an amazing opportunity for students to grow in Christ, make lasting friends, and experience new opportunities. Students must be ages 14-18 and have completed 9th grade to attend. Seniors may attend the summer following graduation.

2018 Coordinators

Registration & Participation: Nicol Phillips

Fundraising: Saralyn Byker, Nicol Phillips, Tami Gross

Chaperones: Saralyn Byker (seeking one more)

Upcoming Dates & Events

  • Collect Funds — TBD
  • Departure — TBD
  • Return — TBD
 2017 RYS Convention in Los Angeles

2017 RYS Convention in Los Angeles

Student Reviews

“The RYS convention last summer was incredible! From learning more about my faith to the fellowship to building already formed friendships to making new one's, RYS was such a blessing last year. I am looking forward to this year's and the great experiences we will have together.” — Regan

“I really enjoyed RYS for several reasons. First, the sermons each day as well as the classes were all taught by experienced Christians (mostly pastors). Each session was filled with lessons to apply to my life as a young man and instilled more of an understanding and pride in the Reformed tradition that I have been brought up in. Second, I enjoyed meeting new kids from other URC and CRC churches around the nation and Canada. It was fun to build relationships quickly in a week without cell phones. All of the activities and games they provided were very entertaining. Finally, I was able to bond with the other youth in our church. The long car rides and talks together at the end of the day helped me form friendships with kids in our church who I had never talked with before.” — Kirk

“First off, I loved the fellowship with Christians who were my age. I also enjoyed growing in my faith. While I thought I knew everything there possibly was to know about the reformation, the speakers at RYS taught me so much stuff I didn't even know!” — Tim


Your RYS info-pack gives more details. Basically, a mix of clothes for warm and cool weather, modest swimsuit and towel, sunscreen, and copious amounts of deodorant. Make sure to bring your Bibles, a notepad and several pens. Phones will not be allowed so consider bringing a *gasp* actual camera.