Lord's day bulletin

For June 17, 2018

*Updated Saturday Mornings


Welcome to Phoenix United Reformed Church! 

Welcome to Phoenix United Reformed Church!  We extend a warm welcome to those visiting us today. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them” Matt 18:20. Please join us for coffee and refreshments following the morning worship service. 

Morning Worship — 9:30 AM

 This morning, we will be lead in worship by Chaplain Jack Unangst of the OPC. He will preach the first of two sermons on Acts 2:41-42, beginning with who are the members of the Lord’s Church and how they are identified.

Evening Worship — 5:30 PM

This evening, Chaplain Jack Unangst of the OPC will preach the second of two sermons on Acts 2:41-42. We’ll consider four essential ingredients necessary for spiritual vigor, growth, and witness to a watching world.

Back-to-Back Worship Services

On the first Sundays of the summer months ( July 1, & August 5), the Council has decided to hold Back-to-Back Worship services, with a fellowship meal in between.  

Our next back-to-back services will be Sunday, July 1st. There will be a worship service at 9:30 AM, with a Fellowship Luncheon at 11:00 AM, followed by a second worship service at 12:15 PM. There will be NO 5:30 PM service that day!


Pastor Grotenhuis' summer sabbatical began this week and will run through the month of August. Pray that it may be a time of refreshing for him and Joy and further renew their zeal for the work of the ministry. Pray also for Pastor Spotts as he will fill in for Pastor G in his absence. 

Upcoming Events:


9:30 AM Worship Service

5:30 PM Worship Service










Happy Birthday!

June 17—Joni V. & Gary W.

June 19—Koen B.

June 20—Ruth L.

June 22—Christina R.

June 23—Jared G.



Sunday School ’17-18

basic class Info:

The PURC Sunday Education year will begin on Sunday, September 10th, and go until May 13th, 2018.  Classes are available for children and adults, and a nursery is also provided. The Sunday School bell will ring at 11:00 am to signal the start, and will ring again at 11:45am to mark the conclusion. Parents are asked to pick up their children from the classrooms in a timely fashion.



Classroom Breakdown & Teachers:

Adult Classes: Fellowship Hall
Led by: Rev. Grotenhuis

Music (Preschool-2nd Grade): Room 5
Led by: Mrs. Lanae Bruxvoort & Mrs. Irene VanHofwegen

Music (3rd-6th Grade): Sanctuary
Led by: Mrs. Kelsey Gross & Mrs. Helen Brons

Preschoolers (age 2-3, must be potty-trained): Room 5
Teachers: Ms. Anneke Moss & Mrs. Rebekah Sherwood

PreK/Kindergarten (age 4-5): Room 4
Teachers: Mrs. Peggy Shortridge & Mrs. Angela Bowman

1st & 2nd Grade (age 6-7): Room 2
Teachers: Mrs. Tiffani Hamstra & Mrs. Katrina Waardenburg

3rd & 4th Grade (age 8-9): Room 3
Teachers: Mrs. Megan Kuiper & Mrs. Kelsey Gross

5th & 6th Grade (age 10-11): Room 1
Teachers: Mr. Paul Sinkovits & Mr. Mark Liston

7th & 8th Grade (age 12-13): Room 1 (back room)
Teacher: Mr. Damien Lampel & Mr. Phil Woldt

9th & 10th Grade (age 14-15): Council Room
Teacher: Mr. Kelly Moss & Mr. Tim Byker

11th & 12th Grade (age 16+): Library
Teacher: Rev. Michael Spotts

Offering Schedule


AM MINTS (Miami International Seminary) 

PM PURC General Fund 

June 24

AM PURC General Fund 

PM Providence Christian College

upcoming Special Offerings







volunteer Schedule



AM Christine Holloway, Macy Shafer, Ann Memmelaar, Samantha Byker & Mana Shafer

PM Gail Danzeisen, Katrina Waardenburg, Katie Moss & Cerys Phillips

June 24

AM Lindsey Beckman, Ashley Holloway, Cathy Rayes, Micaiah Riley, & Cassidy Danzeisen

PM Cindy Woudenberg, Trudy Holloway, Jenna Danzeisen, & Kara Verburg




Daniel Riley

Josh Verburg

Mike Woudenberg

Dan Buys

June 24

Gary VanHofwegen

Tom VanHofwegen

Damien Lampel

Jake Jacobsen




John & Cindy Ming

June 24

Mark & Ruth Liston

Sound System


Tyler Gross

June 24

Peter Perkins




Orders of Service

The Lord’s Day
Morning Order of Worship

June 17, 2018 9:30 am

Chaplain Jack Unangst

Prelude & Welcome

God Calls Us To Worship

*Lifting Our Voices in Song: #321:1-3, “O Day of Rest and Gladness”
*Call to Worship & God’s Greeting

*Song of Response: #14:1-2, “Whole-Hearted Thanksgiving to Thee I Will Bring”

Confession & Assurance of Pardon

God’s Will for Our Lives: Mt 22:36-40

Song of Contrition and Comfort:  “Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness”


God Hears Our Prayer

Congregational Prayer (concluded with corporate “Amen”)

Offering & Offertory: Miami International Seminary (MINTS)

God Declares His Will

Scripture: Acts 2:41-42

Ministry of the Word: “Part 1: The Subjects and Nature of a Spiritually Healthy Church”

*Song of Response: #204, “O Come My Soul, Bless Thou the Lord”

God Blesses Us

*The Lord’s Parting Blessing

*Parting Song of Praise: #492 “Glory Be To the Father”

Postlude                                                   Pianist: Darlene Follett

The Lord’s Day
Evening Order of Worship

June 17, 2018 5:30 PM

Chaplain Jack Unangst

Prelude & Welcome

O Come, Let Us Sing!

*Lifting Our Voices in Song: #180, “It Is Good to Sing Thy Praises”

*God’s Call & Greeting

*Confessing Our Faith: the Apostles’ Creed (PH p.3)

*Song of Response: #16, “In God Will I Trust”

God Hears Our Prayer

Congregational Prayer

Offering & Offertory: General Fund

God Declares His Will

Song of Preparation: #111, “O Lord, My God, Most Earnestly”

Scripture: Acts 2:41-42

Ministry of the Word: “Part 2: The Fruits of a Spiritually Healthy Church"

*Song of Response: #386 “How Vast the Benefits Divine”

God Blesses Us

*The Lord’s Parting Blessing

*Parting Song of Praise:

#493 “Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow”

Postlude                                                      Pianist: Darlene Follett

Prayer Needs

Note: Because of its personal nature, the prayer section is password-protected. Members, please inquire with our Secretary, Liz.