Christ-centered Education

Part of our mission is to promote, facilitate, and assist in providing Christ-centered education to our children. Our leaders are not adamant about one specific method or school as ideal for all members, but we encourage parents to prefer the most-Reformed options practically available. Here are some options recommended by our members. Feel free to consult our pastors about what is best for your family. Our deacons are also happy to discuss financial aid with you.


Home School Co-Ops

Shanan Home Educators

          “A community of like minded Reformed-homeschooling families and members or prospective members of Phoenix United Reformed Church. We are bound together for the sole purpose of supplementing our parent directed home schools while growing in Christ-centered fellowship to benefit ourselves, and our covenant children. We seek to provide excellent learning opportunities while we glorify the Lord by our laboring together in equal sacrifice and commitment in the godly education of our children.”


We meet most 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from Sept.-May at PURC (12:15 to 5:00pm). This includes dinner and coincides with our GEMS/Cadets schedule most nights. We also plan several field trips and special family events each school year.

Class offerings include: Science, Writing & Literature, Geography, Art & Art History, and Speech. We begin with devotions, and enjoy times of fellowship.

We welcome all members to join us and prospective members may participate to see if it is a good fit for their family.

For more information please contact:

Nicol Phillips (
Kristin Jordan (

Private Christian Schools

Phoenix Christian School (Pre K-8)

Founded in 1958, PCS (PreK-8) has a long and happy history with many families at PURC.

“The predominant purpose for founding the school was to provide Christian parents with a Christ-centered educational environment where the home, church and school worked together, each mutually supporting the other. The belief was (and is) that our children should experience and gain an understanding of God's great love for them, and rely on His word as the foundation for all wisdom and learning. At PCS PreK-8 the truths of Scripture have provided a light and a path to teach students to understand our great God, His world, and their place in it.”

Valley Christian School

“Across our K-12, all of our students experience a challenging, Biblically-infused curriculum in a safe and caring learning environment with master teachers to guiding them from step to step. Each level is designed to prepare you for them for the next and to meet students where they’re at. Whether it is a student who is on track for an Ivy-league school, a student who needs extra support, or any student in-between – we seek to meet all students where they are and educate them in the light of God’s truth. When our students graduate high school they are prepared and confident in their next step.“