3rd Annual

Cadet Campout

— An outdoor adventure for fathers, sons, and mentors in Christ —

2018 Cadet Campout Recap Video — By Mr. Jeff S.

You may ask Mr. Craig P. for the password if you don't have it.


WHO: all men & boys are welcome.
When: June 15-17 (Father's Day weekend)
Where: Bear Canyon Lake on the Mogollon Rim, North of Payson, AZ (same as last year)
What: Camping, kayaking, worship (rev. Spotts)

Update (2018-06-05)

We have finally arrived at  the time to get ready for the Cadet Campout 2018! This is Fathers day weekend and will be a special time for Fathers and sons to be together. More updates will follow.

Sign Up here

Here is a link to the Sign up Genius for the list of food and gear that we will need. Please confirm if you will attend and how many will be with you. 



Since we plan on kayaking and fishing, all the boys ages 10-17 will need a Youth combination Hunt and Fish license ($5.00 good for 1 year). Under 10 do not require a license. Adults that desire to fish, be aware that they no longer do a trout stamp; instead it is now a combo Hunt/fish license ($57.00 for 1 year / $15.00 per day). They can be purchased at many sporting goods stores and the Wal-mart sporting goods dept. The license must be in your possession (on your person)while fishing.

If you have a rod and reel bring them along. Craig will have a few extra up there. Just let him know if you need one and he'll will reserve one for you.

Other Details

  • It's NOT necessary to buy a stove, coffee pot or dutch oven just for this occasion.
  • Current fire restrictions are in effect. 
  • Current weather forecast is 85/50F
  • Let Craig know if anybody needs a ride and we can try to coordinate.

2016 Video by Gary Ward

Directions to Bear Canyon Lake

34.389194, -111.003026 (GOOGLE MAPS)

  1. 51 S   (2.6 mi.)

  2. 202 E   (12 Mi.)

  3. AZ 87 N   (73.5 MI.) to payson

  4. AZ 260 E   (33.7 MI.) passed Willow Springs Lake

  5. (L) onto Rim Rd/FR 300 (9.4 mi.)

  6. (L) to stay on Rim Rd (2.2 MI., use tripometer)

  7. (R) before tower, onto unnamed Rd (1.8mI

  8. We'll be somewhere along this road. look for a sign that says "PURC"



Note: turn on/off satellite mode in bottom-left.

Backup Site: Directions to Liston Meadow

  1. 51 S   (2.6 mi.)

  2. 202 E   (12 Mi.)

  3. AZ 87 N   (73.5 MI.) to payson

  4. AZ 260 E   (33.7 MI.) passed Willow Springs Lake

  5. Left on FRS Rd 237 (before Canyon Pt)

  6. in 3.7 miles, turn left into campsite.

  7. Honk thrice and rejoice

34.372259, -110.847187 (GOOGLE MAPS)

Note: turn on/off satellite mode in bottom-left.