PM: Contending Against Dangerous Distortions

Canons of Grace Series.jpg

TEXT: Jude
SERIES: Canons of Grace

Theological disputes, such as the Council of Dort (1618-19), might seem like needless contention. Through Jude, however, the Spirit teaches the necessity of contending against dangerous distortions of God's grace. Rather than stifling spirituality, we'll see how doing so actually renews our eagerness to proclaim Christ!


  • Introduction — Our Common Salvation
  • 1. Beware Dangeous Distortions
  • 2. Contend for the Faith
  • Conclusion — That Contentious Council

Post-Sermon Review &  Reflection

  1. What does “our common salvation” likely refer to? 
  2. What are the names of the two "Deceivers" who distort the tapestry of grace?
  3. In what way does each Deceiver distort salvation?
  4. What is “the faith once for all delivered”? 
  5. For whose sake are we called to contend for the faith?
  6. Describe the contention that led up to the Council of Dort (1618-19).

Rev. Michael Spotts

Pastor Michael has been involved in ministry for over ten years. Before his ordination at Phoenix URC, he participated in foreign missions (Australia, Russia). He holds an Assoc. in Biblical Studies (2004) and an M.Div (WSCAL, 2016). 

Prior to ministry, he owned a commercial photography business for ten years. He still enjoys shooting landscape photos.