PM: Totaled by Sin

Canons of Grace Series.jpg

TEXT: Rom 3:9-12
SERIES: Canons of Grace

The Reformed doctrine of total depravity, though unpleasant, presents a faithful description of the fallen human condition. Namely, apart from an extraordinary act of grace, sinners are not only undeserving but incapable of contributing or cooperating toward their salvation. This grave realization prepares us to appreciate God's awesome goodness in Christ.


  • 1. Common Misconceptions
  • 2. The Fallen Condition
  • Conclusion — Why it Matters

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Rev. Michael Spotts

Pastor Michael has been involved in ministry for over ten years. Before his ordination at Phoenix URC, he participated in foreign missions (Australia, Russia). He holds an Assoc. in Biblical Studies (2004) and an M.Div (WSCAL, 2016). 

Prior to ministry, he owned a commercial photography business for ten years. He still enjoys shooting landscape photos.