PM: Seek the Shepherd's Wisdom

PM: Seek the Shepherd's Wisdom

We conclude our study of Ecclesiastes with why God gives biblical books of wisdom. As our Shepherd, he imparts the "words of the wise" to guide and goad his sheep on secure paths. Tonight, the Spirit beckons you to beware worldly philosophy. Instead, he urges you to learn the art of living at Christ’s faithful feet.

More Bitter than Death

More Bitter than Death

Ecclesiastes provides wisdom for relating to the opposite sex. While warning of the danger of being ensnared by one another, he admits the root of the problem is within ourselves. Christ alone can cleanse and restore men and women to the harmony originally intended by God.

A Handful of Quiet


SPEAKER: Rev. Michael Spotts

SERIES: Ecclesiastes

TEXT: Ecclesiastes 4:4-9

DATE: July 23, 2017

Work is generally a source of great benefits. It’s also the cause of much frustration, temptation, and regret. Through Ecclesiastes, the Spirit teaches you the wisdom of holding work in balance. This way, you can receive the value of your vocation while avoiding the worst of it's vanities.

The Value of Integrity In A Violent World

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SERIES: Ecclesiastes

TEXT: Ecclesiastes 3:16-4:3

DATE: July 16,2017

The worldly prosperity of the wicked leads many to conclude, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” But according to Ecclesiastes, there is greater value to personal integrity despite its apparent vanity. Tonight we’ll consider benefits of pursuing justice. Also, we’ll learn how Ecclesiastes lifts believers’ eyes to Christ’s throne for comfort in the midst of earthly oppression and evil.