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“Christ is the head of the body, the church…” — Col 1:8

We believe formal membership in a local church is God's chosen gift and will for all Christians. Here's why.

united Head & Body

When speaking about church membership, the Bible uses an analogy based on the human body. The life of various parts (“members”) of the body depends on their living union with the head and other organs. Even so, vital union with Christ, our “Head,” naturally and necessarily entails living communion with his visible “Body,” the church (Col 1:8). Christ therefore calls individual believers to express their corporate unity in public worship, meaningful accountability, and mutual service (Mt 18:17).

Part of Discipleship

Jesus said, “whoever would come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me” (Mt 16:24). Following Christ requires that we join ourselves to His church in a way that is public and vital (Mt 18:15-20; Heb 10:22-25; Acts 2:47). Covenant membership is God's way of committing ourselves to the local expression of Christ's church, much like formal vows commit husbands and wives to each other.

Blessings of Membership

Church membership brings many blessings. The fruits of joy, fellowship, service, pastoral oversight, and accountability all come with participating in the local church.

“You can't have God as your Father if you won’t have the Church as your mother.” — Cyprian, c. 250 AD


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If you want to know the process for becoming a member at PURC, see any Elder or Pastor, or contact us.