Great News from Faith United Reformed Church

You may recall that in 2016, Faith United Reformed Church suffered the loss of their church building to a terrible fire.

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This morning, Rev. Matthew Nuiver sent this letter announcing the completion of their re-built facilities. Let's rejoice and praise God with them!


It is with great gladness and thanksgiving that the saints at Faith United Reformed Church in West Olive, MI announce to you that we will begin worshiping in our rebuilt space on February 11, 2018, D.V.  We were overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and concerns and prayers when, in the Lord's providence, our building was destroyed on May 13, 2016. It was a reminder to us of the blessing of being part of a federation such as ours, as well as being members, together with you, of the body of Christ. We pray that this announcement will be cause for you all to celebrate and rejoice with us in this blessing of the Lord's great faithfulness. And be assured of our regular prayers for all of you as well!

May the Lord continue to receive all the praise and glory for all of His works!

Rev. Matthew Nuiver

On behalf of the Council, Faith United Reformed Church 

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