Upcoming Event: An Evening With Michael Horton

Upcoming Event: An Evening With Michael Horton

Join us on Friday, Feb 23, as Mike Horton challenges us to ask ourselves whether we have bought into many of the beliefs and assumptions of our contemporary culture, with its stress on consumer preference and individual autonomy. This message of hope reorients our hearts and encourages us to raise our eyes to heaven (from our Facebook and Instagram accounts).

Membership Class

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A Fall membership course is being offered by Pastors Grotenhuis and Spotts for all those who are interested in becoming members at PURC. The course will be offered on two consecutive Saturday mornings: 

November 25 and December 2 from 9-am-12 pm at the church.

Coffee and bagels will be provided.

Planning to attend? Please contact Pastor Grotenhuis:


The class is designed to give prospective members information about our church’s history, beliefs, and practices. We welcome questions and comments. Current members have expressed appreciation for the insight they gained during the course.

Note—there is no obligation or expectation for all those who attend to become members. The purpose is simply to help you explore the Faith and make an informed decision about where to worship and serve. 

topics covered:

  • The meaning and importance of church membership

  • Christian fundamentals and Reformed distinctives

  • History of this local church and the URCNA

  • Articles of Church Order (i.e., principles and practices of our Federation).