The Sunday Reader, VOL. 1, ISSUE #8

This week's insightful and interesting links.

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My Protestant Oscar Predictions

Classic Carl Trueman commenting and critiquing aspects of North American culture. “We should not allow what is morally vile to monopolize the language of beauty. In a world where taste is truth, the church’s task is to cultivate taste.”

A Generation Emerging from the Wreckage

This New York Times article provides a thoughtful perspective on millions of young Americans reared to feel ashamed, isolated, and angry over their nationality. If you attended the recent WHI event, you'll notice connections. Certainly, the Church has an opportunity to speak truth and love into this moment.

Two Services on Sunday? Really!

Since only half our members attend both services regularly, I'm not totally preaching to the choir. Seriously, challenge yourself by reading this uplifting and compelling description of why churches (and most Christians) should celebrate two services on Sunday.

This video gives you a feel for the mission work being done in Scotland by a network of church planters. May God stir us up to do similarly in Arizona!




Rev. Michael Spotts

Pastor Michael has been involved in ministry for over ten years. Before his ordination at Phoenix URC, he participated in foreign missions (Australia, Russia). He holds an Assoc. in Biblical Studies (2004) and an M.Div (WSCAL, 2016). 

Prior to ministry, he owned a commercial photography business for ten years. He still enjoys shooting landscape photos.