The Sunday Reader, VOL. 1, ISSUE #10

This week's insightful and interesting links.

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Is Hospitality Your Mentality?

"Rather than opening and sharing our homes, the current American Dream is that each family member has his or her own room, their own screen, and their own bathroom. The typical American home built in the 1950s was 1,700 square feet, while in 2017 it was 2,600 square feet. Our homes are larger and nicer—but there is less life within." Highly recommended. 

Does 2 Cor 3:17 Teach the Deity of the Spirit

Rev. Spotts interacts with accusations raised against this text.

Homeschool Will Not Save Them

An important if perhaps heavy article. "An idea had taken root, sprouted, and grown over the years, and it was this: By giving my child a distinctively Christian education, I was ensuring she would turn out Christian. It had been like a private insurance policy I had taken out with God. I thought he had agreed to my terms