The Sunday Reader, VOL. '18, ISSUE #12

This week's insightful and interesting links.

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4 Ways Christians Should Share Their Faith That Are Actually Effective

Excellent Sunday reading from Matt Chandler. Essentially he boils it down to hospitality, finding common ground, sharing your personal story, prayer, and finally sharing the actual gospel. Worth pondering how to implement these practices in your routine.

Where did the Pope come from?

Desiring God provides a brief rundown on the historical background to the modern papacy. Far from being the direct descendant of Peter and the "rock" on which the church is built, the Roman pontiff developed gradually out of human and not divine wisdom to be what it now is. "The papacy is more a child of imperial categories than biblical ones. The papacy never would have emerged if there were no empire forming the political and cultural milieu of the life of the early church."

You Are Going to See God

This is an uplighting and awesome little reflection on what is in store for us.

15 Doctrines that Ought to Bring Comfort in Suffering

The title says it all. It is far better for Christians to become familiar with them in advance rather than after sorrow strikes.