The Sunday Reader, VOL. '18, ISSUE #14

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Resources on the Well-Meant Offer of the Gospel

As a follow-up to the sermon from last Sunday evening, here is a list of useful Reformed articles and confessional statements from Dr. Clark at WSCAL.

Why We Cringe at "Submit" 

Reflections on why many believers feel uncomfortable with biblical references to submission and one author's take on how we should respond. If you'd like to go deeper, the well-regarded Greek linguist, Dr. Bill Mounce, weighs in on "submission" texts here.

The Busy Critic and the Simple Church

Every church should aim for vital community and service among its members. What is not so simple is determining how best to achieve these goals, whether by facilitating more church programs or by fostering organic relationships and events. This article deals with the difficulty of striking a healthy balance.





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