The Sunday Reader, VOL. '18, ISSUE #17

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Chronology of Ezra-Nehemiah (.pdf chart)

Here's a handy chart for understanding the play-by-play of the books of Ezra, Haggai, Zechariah, and Nehemiah. Save it for future study.

Fences & Fellowship

A Particular Baptist reflects on the importance and practicalities of ecumenical relationships without compromising our confessional identities.

James in Miniscule 319 (photo)

View the first page of a 12th century handwritten copy of the book of James. Zoom in to be amazed at the skill and beauty of the ornamentation.

The Bible Project: Brilliant But Flawed

TPJ is an online bible study used by hundreds of thousands of people. In this review, Richard Sweatman praises its strengths but warns viewers to be aware of its problematic approach to Christ's atonement (as well as other issues). 

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