The Sunday Reader: Vol. 1 | #24

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What is the Regulative Principle

Derek Thomas explains and argues for this distinctive feature of Reformed worship which entails that on the Lord's Day, we worship God only in those clearly prescribed in the Word.

10 Practical How-To’s of Discipleship

With the possible exception of the first point, which might be too narrow, this is a good run-down of tips for developing disciples of Christ.

My Heroes

A WSCAL professor reflects on his changing perspective about what constitutes heroism. "Just because the so-called age of retirement hits doesn’t mean I have to hang up my cleats."

A New ‘Peculiar Institution’ Treats Human Beings as Legal Property

A new Arizona law raises serious theological and ethical questions. Basically, it requires courts to give embryos created by IVF to the spouse who plans to use them to have a baby when a couple decides to have a divorce. In light of this, Joe Carter urges, "we must treat humans at the earliest stages of life as the children they are—to be loved by us as they are by God—rather than as property to be discarded at our whim."

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