The Sunday Reader: Vol. 2 | #22

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What Lay Elders Need to Know

A sound reminder.

How Tokyo's suburban housing became vast ghettoes for the old

This informative article should prompt you to think through ways our Christian community can better care for aging image-bearers among us.

Husbands, 8 Admonitions to Love Your Wife

From a friend, Rev. Boekestein. “Ultimately, we are loveless because we love ourselves more than we love God and are dissatisfied with God’s provision. This means that the more you love God the better equipped you will be to truly love your wife.”

ABOUT — The Sunday Reader shares articles we've found particularly insightful, thought-provoking, or edifying this week. While not always representing the views of our Pastors and Elders, these selections offer a mix of viewpoints to broaden and frame your understanding of God, Scripture, ourselves, and the world we serve in Christ's name.

Rev. Michael Spotts

Pastor Michael has been involved in ministry for over ten years. Before his ordination at Phoenix URC, he participated in foreign missions (Australia, Russia). He holds an Assoc. in Biblical Studies (2004) and an M.Div (WSCAL, 2016). 

Prior to ministry, he owned a commercial photography business for ten years. He still enjoys shooting landscape photos.