The Sunday Reader: 2018 | #19

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When Flesh and Heart Fail: Why Believers Should Consider Advance Directives

If you're over eighteen, I strongly commend this article to you. It lays out the practical landscape of end-of-life issues to help  you determine what course is best for you and your loved ones.

URCNA Affirmations Regarding Marriage

One fruits of Synod Wheaton was the affirmation of an official statement on marriage in relation to sexual preferences and gender perceptions. I suggest all adults as well as high school seniors read it carefully. Should God ever permit a lawsuit against a URCNA church for not lending its services or facilities to those seeking homosexual unions, this document will be an important demonstration of our biblical rationale and solidarity.

Watching Our Words in the Age of Outrage

"When James wrote “no human being can tame the tongue,” I doubt he knew what the media landscape would look like 2018, but his Spirit-inspired words accurately describe the age in which we find ourselves."

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