The Sunday Reader: Vol. 1 | #20

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What is a Sacrament?

A concise explanation of what these important elements of worship are and do. "It is easy to think of the sacraments as things we do as a pledge of obedience to God or a sign that we’re giving our life to him. But this is to fundamentally misunderstand the nature of a sacrament. Sacraments are not things we do for God but are ordinary ways the Holy Spirit applies the benefits of salvation. In addition, it is only by faith that a person receives these benefits."

Calvin's Doctrine of Common Grace (.pdf)

A classic essay by the theologian Herman Bavink. This one might involve two cups of coffee but it's worthwhile.

Is the PCA Becoming More Unified?

Following up on their recent General Assembly, Pastor Richard. D. Phillips contemplates the state of our sister denomination. What happens there is significant not only because of the PCA's outsized influence (they are over ten times larger than the URC) but because similar fault lines exist to lesser or greater extents in nearly all NAPARC churches.

Faithful are the Wounds of a Friend

Christina Fox meditates on the value of honest admonition. A real friend points out the spiritual "spinach" struck in your teeth.

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