The Sunday Reader: Vol. 1 | #21

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God Only Wise

J. I. Packer considers the meaning of divine wisdom and how we share in it. This dovetails nicely with our PM series.

Five Ways to Minister to Others this Sunday

Sometimes we don't know where to begin serving at church. Super-blogger Tim Challies offers a useful encouragement on practical ways to get involved without having to bake.

"Family Roles" Model: Reflections on 1 Thess 2

Each of us has something to learn from the way fathers, mothers, and children are called to live.

US Geography Weirdness (video)

As shown below, many of us have strange conceptions based more on human map making than on the physical reality of the earth. It serves as a good reminder to check our biases when seeking to understand God's revelation and our place in it.

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