The Sunday Reader: Vol. 1 | #22

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Jesus and the Psalms

This articles explores the relationship Jesus had with the psalms, which themselves points us to him.

Differences Between Salvation in the Qur’an & the Bible

Did you know there are an estimated 120,000 muslims living in Arizona? Understanding differences, especially about our understanding of Jesus, can prepare you to share your faith with these neighbors.

The Cure for Unbelief (.pdf)

A classic essay from Horatius Bonar (1801-1900) on overcoming our unbelief toward God's Word.

Beautiful Babylon

This one comes in light of the sermon series on Zechariah. National Geographic presents remarkable photos and art that help us sense what life in the ancient city must have been like.

ABOUT — The Sunday Reader shares articles we've found particularly insightful, thought-provoking, or edifying this week. While not always representing the views of our Pastors and Elders, these selections offer a mix of viewpoints to broaden and frame your understanding of God, Scripture, ourselves, and the world we serve in Christ's name.