Lord's Day 40

Question 105.

What doth God require in the sixth commandment?

Answer. That neither in thoughts, nor words, nor gestures, much less in deeds, I dishonor, hate, wound, or [a] kill my neighbor, by myself or by another; but that I lay [b] aside all desire of revenge: also, that I [c] hurt not myself, nor willfully expose myself to any danger. Wherefore also the magistrate [d] is armed with the sword, to prevent murder.

Question 106.

But this commandment seems only to speak of murder?

Answer. In forbidding murder, God teaches us, that he abhors the causes thereof, such as [e] envy, [f] hatred, anger, and desire of revenge; and that [g] he accounts all these as murder.

Question 107.

But is it enough that we do not kill any man in the manner mentioned above?

Answer. No: for when god forbids envy, hatred, and anger, he commands us to [h] love our neighbor as ourselves; to show [i] patience, peace, [j] meekness, [k] mercy, and all kindness, towards him, [l] and prevent his hurt as much as in us lies' and that we [m] do good, even to our enemies.

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