Lord's Day 36

Question 99.

What is required in the third commandment?

Answer. That we, not only by cursing or [a] perjury, but also by [b] rash swearing, must not profane or abuse the name of [c] God; nor by silence or connivance be partakers of these horrible sins in others; and, briefly, that we use the holy name of God no otherwise than with fear and reverence; so that he may be rightly [d] confessed and [e] worshipped by us, and be glorified in all our words and works.

Question 100.

Is then the profaning of God's name, by swearing and cursing, so heinous a sin, that his wrath is kindled against those who do not endeavor, as much as in them lies, to prevent and forbid such cursing and swearing?

Answer. It undoubtedly is, [f] for there is no sin greater or more provoking to God, than the profaning of his name; and therefore he has commanded this [g] sin to be punished with death.

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