Lord's Day 46

Question 120.

Why hath Christ commanded us to address God thus: "Our Father"?

Answer. That immediately, in the very beginning of our prayer, he might excite in us a childlike reverence for, and confidence in God, which are the foundation of our prayer: namely, that God is become our Father in Christ, [a] and will much less deny us what we ask of him in true faith, than our parents [b] will refuse us earthly things.

Question 121.

Why is it here added, "Which art in heaven"?

Answer. Lest we should form any [c] earthly conceptions of God's heavenly majesty, and that we [d] may expect from his almighty power all things necessary for soul and body.
[a]: Mat. 6:9
[b]: Mat. 7:9,10,11; Luke 11:11; Isa. 49:15
[c]: Jer. 23:24
[d]: Acts 17:24; Rom. 10:12