Lord's Day 47

Question 122.

Which is the first petition?

Answer. [a] "Hallowed be thy name"; that is, grant us, first, rightly [b] to know thee, and to [c] sanctify, glorify and praise thee, in all thy works, in which thy power, wisdom, goodness, justice, mercy and truth, are clearly displayed; and further also, that we may so order and direct our whole lives, our thoughts, words and actions, that thy name may never be blasphemed, but rather [d] honored and praised on our account.

[a]: Mat. 6:9
[b]: John 17:3; Jer. 9:23,24; Mat. 16:17; James 1:5
[c]: Psa. 119:137,138; Luke 1:46; Psa. 145:8,9
[d]: Psa. 115:1; Psa. 71:8