Lord's Day 21

Question 54.

What believest thou concerning the "holy catholic church" of Christ?

Answer. That the Son of God [a] from the [b] beginning to the end of the world, gathers, [c] defends, and [d] preserves to himself by his [e] Spirit and word, out of the [f] whole human race, a [g] church chosen to everlasting life, agreeing in true faith; and that I am and for ever shall remain, a [h] living member thereof.

Question 55.

What do you understand by "the communion of saints"?

Answer. First, that all and every one, who believes, being members of Christ, are in common, [i] partakers of him, and of all his riches and gifts; secondly, that every one must know it to be his duty, readily and [j] cheerfully to employ his gifts, for the advantage and salvation of other members.

Question 56.

What believest thou concerning "the forgiveness of sins"?

Answer. That God, for the sake of [k] Christ's satisfaction will no more [l] remember my sins, neither my corrupt nature, against which I have to struggle all my life long; but will graciously impute to me the righteousness of Christ; that I may never be [m] condemned before the tribunal of God.

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