Lord's Day 33

Question 88.

Of how many parts doth the true conversion of man consist?

Answer. Of two parts; of [a] the mortification of the old, and the quickening of the new man.

Question 89.

What is the mortification of the old man?

Answer. It is a [b] sincere sorrow of heart, that we have provoked God by our sins; and more and more to hate and flee from them.

Question 90.

What is the quickening of the new man?

Answer. It is a sincere joy of heart in God, through Christ, [c] and with love and [d] delight to live according to the will of God in all good works.

Question 91.

But what are good works?

Answer. Only those which proceed from a true [e] faith, are performed according to the [f] law of God, and to his [g] glory; and not such as are [h] founded on our imaginations, or the institutions of men.

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